A Vision Without Execution is a Hallucination

A Vision Without Execution is a Hallucination

Vision without execution is a hallucination. 
A quote with debatable origin but for us it inspires experimentation.

So here we are, in the throes of experiment.

An experiment in secondhand that isn't secondary. Because for us, secondhand is a primary.

An experiment in the three dimensional. For although much of our lives are now lived in the two dimensional (digital, that is) we are not giving up on the idea of meeting people, shaking hands, of physical exchange. That experience enriches all of us, intellectually and emotionally.

An experiment in looking forward; recognizing what our world needs (less stuff), and knowing that there's a place in that future for objects from our past. We believe they still have stories to tell. 

So many, in fact, we can get lost in them. 

- Maurizio



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Transnomadica @ Fred Segal Pop Up Installation.
8500 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.
11-6. Tuesday through Sunday.


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