Art from Berlin: Evol

Art from Berlin: Evol

I never met Evol but in my mind I have.

His artistic usage of ordinary surfaces like cardboards, city walls and powerboxes as his blank canvas for his stenciled photographic art is, in my opinion, nothing short of visually extraordinary. 

His work is fantastic (in the real sense of the term) and effortless. Poetic and claustrophobic. Organically premeditate. It is the work of a professional killer, if we consider the precision of his work.

Of all of his work, the one that inspires me the most is the one on left-over and used cardboard, a heavy duty paper based product that we commonly used for commerce, shipping and industrial activities and that we discard with extreme facility. Evol's consideration for such material and the Trompe l'Oeil effect he creates on it, speak to me in ways I cannot describe.

I just wish I was the person making his art. 

In total secrecy. 

- Maurizio



A German artist, Evol utilizes unexpected materials to create mundane yet intriguing apartment building facades depicting the low-income housing architecture of 1960s East Berlin. In some cases these installations are created from cardboard, and in others, he utilizes a layered stencil technique upon fixed objects in public spaces to manufacture his micro urban structures. He begins with studying an old object - in all of its use and imperfections - and works with it to create a multilayered composition that captures the timeworn nature of Berlin’s urban dwellings. 

These compositions also include the personal and human touches that accumulate on buildings that are lived in over time: satellite dishes, flower boxes, curtains, air conditioning units. The result is both sentimental and ironic, a charming and approachable instrument to speak to the turbulent history of Berlin.



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