Made in History by Dockers

Made in History by Dockers

Made in History Collection by Dockers®, Spring 2004.

“Made in History” by Dockers® was a capsule collection that existed before fashion capsules really existed, delivered to a tiny selection of retailers in the world. In Spring 2004 it was an absolute shock to the universe of casual khakis. The handful of styles that were designed for this collection had a definitive baggy streetwear fit, an artisanal - almost homemade - but durable construction and distinct details lifted from early 20th century workwear. 

Double pockets, unusual distressing, well-reinforced gussets, hanging threads and oversized supportive patches were among the many characteristics of these pants. 

The rest of the story is shrouded in some mystery. No one really knows how many pieces were produced, who exactly designed them nor why they were quickly discontinued. I was lucky enough to have found 14 pieces across 17 years of searching, since legend has it that Massimo Osti (the founder of Stone Island and C.P. Company) was initially involved with the design but after some health issues, the project had to be completed by a Levi’s® and/or Dockers® internal team. The details of this project seem to have vanished; no one kept record of it. 

Great innovation is rarely understood at the moment of public unveiling.

- Maurizio

Made in History khaki curation available here.

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Pinal Patel was the creator, and I worked on the branding for this capsule~ what seems like yesterday. Now their MIH moniker literal. They were completely designed in-house at Dockers Europe, Amsterdam!


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