Not for Sale: Saxophone & Smock

Not for Sale: Saxophone & Smock


It’s the splattered paint that’s striking and visually pulls these two objects together. But they each tell very different stories. 

I purchased the saxophone from a vintage dealer five years ago, and fell in love with it immediately. I would’ve paid any price for it. 

It’s a fun object, a toy. It must’ve taken the creator days, weeks even, to complete. Every single square inch is covered by paint. It’s unique in a way not many things can be; I’ve never seen anything like it. 

The smock is an Osh Kosh railroad jacket, likely from the 70s. There isn’t an extraordinary vintage value to it per se, but the jacket is, construction and age-wise, in very good condition while it’s clear that it has been used and abused for a very long time, illustrated through the layered patina of the different colored paints. 

 It’s extremely rare to find such a personal item of an artist, in this case a painter. A second skin for an artist, it’s what you use every time you paint. It’s a byproduct - an artifact of - a lifetime of creativity, of creation. It represents the imperfections, the dirty hands, the mistakes, the suffering and struggles of creating something.

I don’t know who the artist was but their completed works and skill level is of secondary importance to me. 

- Maurizio

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