SEKDEK: Spirit Extraction Kit

SEKDEK: Spirit Extraction Kit


San Francisco based Brice Frillici is a multimedia artist who goes by the name of his project “SEKDEK” (Spirit Extraction Kit, Demon Extraction Kit). This on-going portrait series of his friends and family covered in paint, clay, fabrics, glitter, wigs and prosthetics achieves a fantastical - and sometimes gory - result. 

Frillici describes his process as expressionistic painting by any means necessary.



None of this art is now available because it was on the body of somebody and washed away. The work becomes more about the process, less about the destination. But maybe the process is about knowing when you are at that destination; to say it's finished is an emotion. In this case the result is a temporary sculpture, one on human skin. But it's not a tattoo. It's something more ephemeral. 

Even if the artist loves that particular work, he knows he doesn't own it. He can't own it. 

- Maurizio












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By chance could you provide your users a link to my work? In fact I do have a lot of it and much more available for sale on my website.
Your blurb is very nice otherwise.
Thanks a lot.

Brice frillici

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